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Tips for Selling Your Home

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Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling isn’t an easy process, and you’d be surprised at the simple things that can affect your success. If you want to sell up and move on to pastures new, don’t take that first step without taking a look at this handy guide!Predict objections

Home is quite literally where the heart is. Very few prospective buyers are willing to overlook problems or assume that they’ll be “sorted out” before they move in. Buyers can be very picky – and rightly so. If they are to part with their money for their home and purchase this property, it needs to be an investment they are proud of. Ensure that you rectify any and all problems to the very best of your ability before your house goes on the market, and discuss them with your estate agent. It will definitely be worth it. Even simple cosmetic issues such as a stain on the wallpaper or a rickety-looking bed – whether you’re taking it with you or not – can affect a sale or the size of the offer you receive. If your house has any slightly off-putting features, ensure you know what to say about them should you be asked.

Your home’s USPs

Once you’ve covered any negative features affecting the property, it is definitely worth drawing up a list of positives that can be used to counter them. Any cute quirks or elements of design that work really well either aesthetically or practically can be used to swing a deal in your favour. Of course, your estate agent should be highly capable of working out these details, but you may be in possession of some gorgeous elements of personal knowledge that can really help a viewer to fall in love with the house.

The right estate agent

Read reviews and testimonials to help you choose your estate agent with confidence. Look through their other properties and see where yours might fit in in terms of type, price, scale, location and style. Word-of-mouth is always a good place to start, as that way you can really tell which of your friends have had a very positive or negative experience. Eventually, however, it is all up to you. Draw up a list of questions and approach agents in person, not just via email. Take note of how easy they are to get hold of and how thorough they are in their approach.

Neat and Tidy

It has already been mentioned that cosmetic elements make a surprising amount of difference to the success of a sale. It may seem obvious to have your home neat and tidy throughout the viewing period, but so many people forget to keep on top of this, and a large number miss out on a sale as a result. Think of all the ways your home affects their senses. Light, warmth and – above all – scent, can be deal-makers or breakers, so ensure that you invest in some new lightbulbs, get the heating on subtly if your house tends to get a little chilly, and find a gentle new air freshener that you’re happy with. They may have pet allergies – so perhaps you should have a dog sitter available! Take note of scuffs and scratches on walls and skirting-boards, and get them fixed with a lick of fresh paint. It may seem like hard work, but it’s so worth it!


Nothing sets alarm-bells ringing more than stand-offish, paranoid or pushy sellers. Most estate agents ask if you’ll be happy for them to show viewers around when you’re out. Trust the estate agent and allow this if you possibly can – insisting on viewings only taking place when you’re at home can put time-pressure on the prospective buyers and potentially make them feel as though you don’t trust them, or that you’re hiding something! If you are at home during a viewing, be relaxed and allow them to see you enjoying and using the house as you usually do. Offer them a cup of tea, suggest they have a sit down on the sofa while they discuss the house, and leave them be while they do so. If you feel at home, they’ll feel at home.

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