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How to Sell your House Fast for Cash?

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How to Sell your House Fast for Cash?

Selling your home is a big deal, or at least we think so here at A1 Home Buyers UK!

Having a change in your circumstances can leave you needing to sell your home quickly, whether it be due to a divorce, broken chain, emigration, inheritance or financial difficulty.

As a result of Brexit, the value of properties saw a rapid decline during 2016/17, making it difficult for many to sell their home. Selling your home can be essential for a number of things from emigration to downsizing, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to wait for the market to stabilise, making sure that you receive the best value for your property.

But property prices were down by 2% between February and April 2017, though they’ve slowly started to creep back up again, but if you’re in urgent need of selling your home fast for cash, we can help! No matter what type of property you have, where it is located or the size of the property, A1 Homebuyers will make you a cash offer that’s completely transparent, with no hidden fees.

Find out about the process of selling your home fast with A1 Home Buyers UK below:

1.    Cash offer

A cash offer will be provided to you once you have completed our online assessment, filling in relevant details, regarding your property. You’ll receive a free, no obligation quote for your property here.

2.    Assessment of property

It’s standard practice for us to send out one of our qualified surveyors to assess how much your property is worth. Although you would’ve already requested for a quote when you applied online, we will make sure that the valuation is tailored to your property, you never know… your property could be worth more than what we initially quoted!

3.    Formal cash offer

After we’ve completed our assessment, the offer will be finalised. We’ll provide you with what is a “formal offer”, this is no longer a quote, it’s the figure that we value your home at and it’s what we’d like to pay for your property.

Should you choose to accept our offer, we’d be more than pleased to do business with you and take the property off your hands, only at a time that’s convenient for you! If you weren’t expecting your home to sell quite so quickly, we’ll exchange your property when it’s suitable for you, as we can facilitate more time if need be.

4.    Completion

A1 Home Buyers UK stay true to our word. We will wait for you to move out, putting no pressure on you and then exchange your property for hard, solid cash! We aim to complete the sales of properties within 5 days, enabling you to sell your home fast for cash. The approach we take at A1 Home Buyers UK is far quicker than choosing estate agents to put your property on the market or even going to auction – so be sure to choose us if you plan to up sticks and move as soon as possible!

Our team of experts are always on hand to provide you with any information regarding selling your home fast, that you could possibly need, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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