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The A1 Moving Checklist – What to do When Moving House?

A1 Homebuyers > Fast Property Sale  > The A1 Moving Checklist – What to do When Moving House?

The A1 Moving Checklist – What to do When Moving House?

Taping up box, moving home

Moving can be one of the most stressful things in the world if you’re not prepared – but it can also be exciting and rather satisfying if you manage to keep on top of things. At A1 Homebuyers, we’ve seen hundreds of house moves and have become rather familiar with the formula for success – with house moves from Manchester to Liverpool! See our moving checklist below for a stress-free guide to leaving your old home and entering your new one.

Take Stock

A move can be a really exciting opportunity to upgrade your belongings – getting rid of the things that have been hanging around unused and treating yourself to a few things you’ve always wanted. The best approach is to have a bit of a purge before you leave your old house, making trips to the tip and charity shops in the weeks preceding your move, and finding any nice new furnishings, clothes, gadgets and trinkets after you’ve landed in you new place. That way, there are fewer things to shift! Make a moving list and an inventory to be sure you know what you’re bringing and where everything is. Make sure you dispose of everything correctly, as some electrical goods require you to use special methods. Regarding your new place, be sure to check that everything is functional and suitable for habitation – water, electrics, cooking appliances, etc. – before you take the plunge.

The Paperwork

Maintain a regular, straightforward and transparent line of communication with estate agents and landlords, and read all small print. If you’re renting, make sure that you’re all paid up to date and that you’ve gone through your inventory, taking only what’s yours and leaving anything that was there before you arrived. If you’re not going to be repaid all of your rental deposit, ask why not. Go through all your bills and make sure you’re paid up. Tell HMRC and your energy providers that you’ll be moving out – otherwise it’s likely that you’ll keep getting charged! Also, take the time to register with a doctor in your new area and switch over your home address on your bank accounts within a week of moving, if you can!

The Distance

Are you headed just a few streets away, or are you off to the other side of the country – or even overseas? You need to plan trips between the two locations. Naturally, if you’re travelling for miles, it’s best to do it all in one trip to save the petrol and the hours of driving, or the rental charge on the man-and-van. Think logically about how much stuff you have, and what size of vehicle (or how many vehicles!) you will need. Family members and friends can come in very handy, whether they just pop round to help you shift things or they own a large vehicle of your own that could be used to courier your belongings. Try to travel over outside of rush hour to save time and stress!

And Finally

Before you take your final trip, give your old place a good once over – clean, hoover and check under carpets and between floorboards for anything you might be leaving behind. Take time to say goodbye; this phase of your life is over, and you’re off on a big adventure!

For further tips on moving, or for a quick, easy means of buying and selling a property, contact A1 Homebuyers today on 0345 055 8468.


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