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8 Tips to help you to sell your property

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8 Tips to help you to sell your property

Although here at A1 Homebuyers we buy any property, regardless of the condition it’s in, there are several ways in which you can modify it to maximise the potential of your property.

Where the presentation of your home is paramount, you want to make sure that you set the tone by making your property homely and welcoming. A1 Homebuyers don’t stipulate how your home has to look, we buy any property to help you to sell your home fast for cash, however, if you want to increase the value of your home, why not consider the following…

Face value.

By transforming the exterior look and feel of your property, you will instantaneously boost the value of your home. We recommend you make your property more welcoming, not only on the inside but on the outside too!

Kerb appeal.

Make sure that your front door is the centrepiece of your property. You want your property to stand out from the rest, especially when 2 of our assessors visit your property to carry out RICs surveys! Our assessors will carry out the survey to ensure that the offer you’re made is fair- here’s how it works!

First impressions.

Your property will be worth more if it’s warm and welcoming. As well as this, your property will appeal to more potential buyers, they’ll want to step foot through the front door and will feel a sense of intrigue as to what the property is like internally.

Up to date.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase the value of your home. When looking to sell your house for cash, you want to make your home modern and less outdated. Why not brighten up your living space by installing new lighting?


Nobody wants to step foot into a cluttered property, so don’t expect our assessors to be impressed if there’s barely anywhere to move! Clutter can put potential buyers off, it makes your property look untidy so it may be an idea to invest in a reliable storage solution, after all, you need to organise your belongings before the big move so what better time to sort through your possessions?


OK, so pets often make a family home complete but we recommend these are kept out of the way when potential buyers are viewing your property. Keeping pets out of the way will not only prevent viewers of your property from being distracted, it will also speed up the process and make it more convenient for both you and the potential buyers.


Before your property goes on the market, it might be an idea to spruce up your garden to enhance the overall appearance of your home. When you step outside, the garden is the first thing that you will see, therefore it needs to be practical and welcoming!


Immaculate properties tend to be worth more than neglected properties. At A1 Homebuyers, the indicative cash offer that is subject to change is not based on the appearance of your property, it’s provided based on your property type.

The final cash offer that we provide will take into consideration any presentational factors, this is your opportunity to increase the valuation of your property!

Once you’ve made these slight improvements, you’ll be able to sell your home fast for cash!

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