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When to sell your house?

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When to sell your house?

If you’re thinking about selling your property, you need to know when the best time to sell your house fast is! Whether you’re filing for a divorce, planning to emigrate or looking to overcome financial difficulty, A1 Homebuyers UK can help!

As a leading property purchaser, we can make you a cash offer at any given time, however, there are several factors that will need to be taken into consideration if you want to receive the best value for your property, including the season that you choose to put your property on the market.

There is nothing stopping you from selling your home, however, we can bet you want to get the most for it, therefore, you’ll want to sell your house during the right season- let’s compare how the sale of properties varies throughout the year…


Throughout the spring, buyers will be willing to house hunt. When the weather is idyllic, and the climate is warmer, it’s much easier for you to update your property and garden to make it more up to date and welcoming, instantly making it more appealing for buyers!

With plenty of sunlight, you have the opportunity to portray your property in the best light, making it jump out at homebuyers and encouraging them to start house hunting.

January to July is prime time for selling your house- be sure to make a note of this on your calendar!


Selling your house in the summer is something you’ll want to steer clear of, especially if you want to be made an exceptional offer for your property!

With the school holidays leaming, it’s only too difficult to arrange property viewings. Childcare and entertainment for your children can take over your summer, leaving you with no time to go house hunting.

Families wanting to sell their property throughout the holiday season will struggle to sell their home during this time because home buyers will be away, soaking up the sunshine.

If you plan to beat the mad rush to the airport for your emigration, you’ll want to put your property on the market in advance, preferably before July!


Looking to sell your house fast? Make sure you put your property on the market well before Christmas, especially if you want it to sell quickly. Come November, property buyers hibernate, concentrating their efforts on Christmas shopping.

The best time to sell your house fast in the autumn is between September and October!


Putting your property on the market in the winter is not advisable. With Christmas and New Year celebrations, you can only bet that homebuyers will be too busy and distracted by festivities. To maximise your property sale, you’ll want to consider selling your home in the spring when there is more potential for your property to sell!

When selling your house fast, you’ll need to consider how accessible your property is. Any new infrastructure or roadworks could impact on the number of viewings buyers make to your property. As well as this, it’s recommended that the sale of your property is put on hold until projects are completed.

Here at A1 Homebuyers, our team of experts will be more than willing to help you to sell your house. If you experience a change in your circumstances, you’ll need to sell your house fast and what better way to do so than choosing A1 Homebuyers?

We provide a fair valuation of your property, considering more than face value. The offer we make will be subject to change when two of our expert surveyors assess the value of your home.

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