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Why Isn’t Your House Selling?

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Why Isn’t Your House Selling?

Here at A1 Home Buyers UK we buy any house, no matter the condition, and can offer completion of its sale in as little as five working days.

Our experienced team of specialists and skilled solicitors are on hand to help you sell your residential property as quickly as possible.

Many people find themselves at the point where selling their house quickly is the only option, they may be emigrating, in the middle of a divorce or they simply can’t find a buyer for their home.

But what are the reasons why your home cannot sell? Before you sell your house fast for cash the A1 Homebuyers team have had a look at the potential reasons behind your lack of a sale.

Your Asking Price Is Too High
Someone looking to buy a house is unlikely to even bother booking a viewing if your home is unrealistically priced above their budget.

Most people have a maximum amount of money they are willing to part with when they are searching for a new home, so if you have priced your house just above a threshold, for example £210,000 then buyers looking for a property with a price limit of £200,000 will not see it in their search results. So clever pricing to a more rounded figure could help attract a higher number of potential buyers.

Getting a property valuation by a local estate agent is a good starting point for deciding on the price you could realistically obtain for your house.

The House Isn’t Sale Ready
The way your home is being presented has a massive say in whether you will receive any offers. Plenty of people might have viewed your house but if nobody has followed their viewing up with an offer then there is more than likely a problem with the presentation of your property.

Is your home cluttered or messy? Does the garden look overgrown and untidy? These and many others are factors which could affect if a viewer decides to make a bid to buy your house.

Acting as if you’re on a viewing yourself could help you see your property from another perspective, or checking out our more detailed post on this subject could be the difference between receiving an offer or not – 8 Tips To Help You To Sell Your Property.

Your Property Has Outdated Photos On Its Online Listing
Be it with people searching for property online or looking through an estate agents window listings, the photographs of your house play a huge role in enticing prospective buyers into booking a viewing.

If your property has been on the market for a while or you have made changes to your home since it has been for sale, think about getting a new set of photos to freshen up your listing. For your updated pictures make sure that all the rooms in your house are tidy and well-lit as nobody wants to buy a house that looks dark and messy.

Buyers Can’t See The Potential Of The Property
A prospective buyer sometimes needs assistance when thinking about the maximum potential of a property.

Have you previously acquired planning permission for an extension but never got around to actually doing it? Or have your neighbours in likewise properties conducted similar projects on their own homes.

Make sure this is visible in your listing or that the estate agent to refers to it during viewings. If it is possible for a buyer to potentially extend or add value to their new house, they should know about it.

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