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Selling Your Property During a Divorce

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Selling Your Property During a Divorce

Divorces can sometimes take up to a year to be completed so if there is the added stress of a property sale things can become even more problematic and the divorce process can then go on even longer. If you are going through a divorce, A1 Home Buyers UK are here to help as we provide an instant offer and a fast sale, which is bound to make life a lot easier at a difficult time.

If you are going through a divorce and have so far been unable to reach a compromise on the sale of your property, then legal proceedings will be needed to regulate the fair division of your asset. This can make things more stressful at what is already an enormously hurtful time especially if you want to achieve the quick sale of your home.

But what are the things to consider when selling your home during a divorce? A1 Home Buyers UK have the answers.

Property Valuation
Whichever route you choose to go down regarding the sale of your property, your house will need to be valued to reach a settlement. If you cannot agree on a value or asking price as a couple, then during your divorce the courts will order a valuation from a local estate agent or surveyor.

The value they provide will be what in their expert opinion they believe the property to be worth and not necessarily what either of you feel should be the given asking price. A1 Home Buyers UK are always on hand to provide guidance when it comes to selling your home as fast as possible.

Registration of the Property
Going through a divorce does not change who owns what at the Land Registry – but being married means that even if your property is registered in only one name, if it is the marital home then the other has a right of occupation up until the divorce is finalised.

If both parties require a fast sale of their house during a divorce, then a property purchasing company like A1 Home Buyers UK can provide an immediate cash offer as we pledge to buy your house no matter the location or condition.

Moving on
In certain areas, house sales can be very slow meaning that selling your marital home in the current market can be an extremely hard thing to do. This can lead to many divorcing couples drastically lowering their asking price to achieve a quick sale so that they can move on to the next chapter of their lives.  This can be a hard decision to take but sometimes one that seems unavoidable.

The property specialists and legal team at A1 Home Buyers UK help you to sell your house fast, providing you with an instant cash offer. We can offer the conclusion of the sale in as little time as five days which means worrying about selling your property during your divorce is a thing of the past.

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