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Factors That Will Affect What My House Will Sell For

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Factors That Will Affect What My House Will Sell For

What My House Will Sell For

There are many factors that will affect how much your house will sell for and each one came both positively or negatively impact the price you will be able to expect when you are looking for a sale.

A1 Home Buyers are experts when it comes to purchasing a property. We provide cash offers to homeowners looking to make a quick sale and thanks to our years of experience and knowledge we are always on hand to provide a healthy, fair offer for your property.

Below we have explained the factors that will affect the price you will be able to sell your home for.

Transport Links

If the home you are selling has an abundance of transport links close by then this will positively impact property prices in the area. This is especially true if it means that major cities can be easily commuted to, which is imperative to prospective homeowners looking to move outside the city.

Likewise, if your home is in an extremely rural area that has minimal transport links then you can expect to fetch less than if there was a network of buses and trains at your disposal regardless of your countryside location.

Local Schools

The price your property could sell for will be increased if there are several local schools that have outstanding OFSTED inspection reports. Parents with young children often want to guarantee they live within the catchment area for ‘outstanding’ schools and are therefore willing to pay more than usual for qualifying properties. An increase in demand can also lead to an increase in the sale price you can look to obtain.

Similarly, if the schools near to your home have a bad reputation and are poorly rating then the demand from families with children will be less and the price they are willing to pay will be less too.

Properties for Sale in the Area

The number of properties for sale on your street or in the same area can affect how much you can get for your house. If your home is the only property up for sale then due to the lack of properties on the market you can expect the demand for your home to be greater and therefore you will be able to up your asking price and sell to the highest bidder.

However, if there are several homes for sale close by then due to the multitude of options that buyers will have you may have to reduce your asking price in order to achieve a sale.

If you are struggling to make a sale, A1 Home Buyers UK are always on hand to make you a cash offer and we can even complete the purchase of your home in as little as five working days.

Time of Year

Depending on when you are looking to sell your home you may struggle to achieve a sale. As expected, early in the year, following on from Christmas, there is a lot fewer people looking to buy property with the same said for the months leading up to the festive season.

On the other hand, during spring and summer especially there is a lot more activity on the property market. People are over the winter slump and as the warmer, drier weather comes there is no better time to buy a new house, especially if it requires a little work. Nobody wants to be undergoing a house renovation in the middle of winter.

Leasehold vs Freehold

If you are looking to sell a freehold that is surrounded mainly by leasehold properties, you will be able to set the price for it higher than those homes. On the flip side, if you are selling a leasehold home that is next to freehold properties in the majority then you will have to price it lower than those homes.

Property Improvements

Things such as a new kitchen installation or a loft conversion can add value to your home, especially if homes nearby do not have such enhancements to their property. Likewise, if homes around you have new features and have had recent renovations while yours do not then your property value will be significantly lower than your own.

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Should any of the above factors be affecting the sale of your property then do not hesitate to contact the A1 Home Buyers UK team. We can help you to achieve a rapid cash sale. Call 0845 206 8403 now for more information. We specialise in the quick sale of residential properties.

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