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How to Sell Your House in Winter

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How to Sell Your House in Winter

Sell House in Winter

Selling your house in winter is not always a popular idea, with many homeowners choosing to wait out the festive period and colder, bleaker months to then sell their home in the summer. However, there is usually a surprising amount of demand for houses in the first couple of months in the year.

Once Christmas and New Year are out of the way, many people then begin their search for a new property. Thanks to there generally being fewer houses on the market at that time of year you can more easily sell your house in winter due to the lack of competition.

Also, because of property purchasers like A1 Home Buyers you can rest assured that you can receive a quick cash offer to allow you to sell your home in winter. We can complete the purchase of your home in as little as five working days. Below our team have put together a few tips on how to sell your house in winter.

Make Your Home Cosy
If someone is coming to take a look at your home with a view to buying it in winter, make sure that they are entering a warm and cosy house. This will help them to visualise themselves in the home and make them feel comfortable, something that will go a long way to gaining a sale.

If they enter a cold property, then you are going to have trouble making feel welcome in the home. Make sure that your heating and radiators are all on for when potential buyers are viewing your house and if you have a fire put that on a low heat to show that off to them. It will help to sell your house in winter.

Keep Your Garden Maintained
Even though it is unlikely a buyer will spend much time in the garden during the colder months, it can still help to sell your house in winter if you keep your garden neat and tidy. Mow the lawn and clear away any old patio furniture. Brush away any leaves that have fallen from nearby trees and also brush and clean any decking if you have it.

Although potential buyers are unlikely to use the garden frequently until summer it is always worth giving them the best chance to visualise how they can spend time there during the warmer months.

Lighting Is Key
With less daylight during winter, the likelihood is that when people view your house it could be when it is dark, therefore it is imperative that your home is well lit and not just inside. Think about adding a light by your front door or smaller lights alongside your driveway. Nobody will want to buy a house they cannot even see on approach.

Inside swap light bulbs for newer brighter ones and make sure your curtains are well drawn back to ensure that if there is any natural daylight that it can easily pour through your home.

Classy at Christmas
If you are trying to sell your house in winter and it is the build-up to Christmas, make sure any festive decorations are kept classy and tasteful. Nobody coming to buy your house wants to see a giant Santa Clause on the front lawn or flashing multi-coloured lights draped all over the house.

Keep exterior lighting classic and simple and make sure your Christmas tree is also decorated in a nice, traditional manner. Do not put people off before they have even stepped inside your property. That will not help to sell your house in winter.

First Impressions Count
You can get any viewings of your home off to a great start by making sure the exterior of your home is clean and tidy. If you have gates at the entrance to your home, keep them close to show viewers how secure the property is and if you have a driveway keep it clear of cars to allow potential buyers to visualise the space they will have for their own vehicles.

You can also place hanging baskets or flower pots near your front door as well as purchasing a new doormat to welcome people into your home and help to sell your house in winter.

If you are after a quick sale of your house or you are wondering how to sell your in winter then do not hesitate to contact the A1 Home Buyers UK team. We can provide further information about our property buying service as well as advise you on the best course of action for selling your home during the colder months. You can ring 0845 206 8403 to get in touch with our property experts.

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