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Sell My House For Cash

Are you in a position where you are wondering “how can I sell my house for cash?”. The A1 Home Buyers team are here to help!

We are a group of property specialists and expert solicitors who work together to provide you with a cash offer in order to sell your house for cash, fast. In fact, the sales we provide for cash fees are so quick that the vast majority take place within just five days. We have a 24/7 helpline, so you can begin the process of selling your home as quickly as possible and at a time which suits around your schedule.


Why use a Property Purchaser like A1 Home Buyers UK?


As most homeowners will be aware, there are many ways to sell your property. However, we feel that there are many advantages to using a property purchaser to sell your house for cash.


Using estate agents or online property portals to try to sell your home can be both very costly and a long drawn out process, which is the complete opposite of using someone like A1 Home Buyers to sell your property. We have worked to refine the home-selling process into a simple, swift procedure to allow homeowners who need to quickly sell their home fast and for cash to be able to do so.


Normally when selling through an estate agent you will encounter solicitor’s fees, the fee to the agents themselves, as well as having to pay ongoing mortgage payments will you wait for a sale that may never come. If your property ends up being on the market for a lengthy amount of time you will then probably have to reduce the asking price which will also prove detrimental to the total amount of money you finally receive.


We offer immediate cash valuations and offers. While valuations and offers are being exchanged, and while surveys are being undertaken we cover all legal expenses to ensure that the offer you receive from us is the amount that you will collect upon completion of the sale.

Sell My House For Cash

Quick Cash Sale


The main benefit to using A1 Home Buyers is that you are selling your home fast for a genuine cash offer. The way it works with us is that unlike selling through an estate agent, there are no additional fees, no potential buyers looking around your home and no for sale signs outside your home.


The average time to sell a property through more traditional channels is just over 3 months, so if you require a rapid sale then this is obviously no good for you. Additionally, that is without taking into consideration the possibility that the buyer for your home could be in a chain which adds further time to the length of time it takes to complete the sale. None of this, of course, applies to a sale using a property purchaser like A1 Home Buyers UK.


As mentioned earlier by using us in as little as five working days you will be able to say “I have sold my house for cash”, though if you need more time to move out we can also be flexible with the dates and time you wish to move out of the property.


Reasons To Sell Your House For Cash


There are numerous reasons why you could be looking to sell your house for cash. We can help no matter the reason, but below sees a list of the common reasons homeowners come to us looking for a quick cash sale.

Sell My Home For Cash


We deal with each case on an individual basis. We make an initial offer which if accepted then leads us to make a formal offer. This amount is calculated from survey findings and the property valuation we receive from two independent agents.


If you are then happy with the formal offer we then begin a RICs survey, which once completed we will be ready to exchange the agreed cash sum for your property.


For further information on selling your house for cash please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team by calling 0845 206 8403. We are more than happy to discuss anything to do with property purchasing. Alternatively, you can visit our quick quote page to receive a rapid, free, no obligation cash offer.

A1 Home Buyers You Could Buy Your House within 5 Days for Cash!

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