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Donna and Mark’s Story

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Donna and Mark's Story

Donna and Mark Cresswell’s children had grown up and moved away from their family home in Manchester, and they decided that downsizing would be a great idea. They decided it would make sense to make the move while they were still young enough to enjoy the money that they would make from their house sale.

After seeing a TV advertisement for A1 Home Buyers UK that mentioned the benefits of downsizing, Donna called us to avoid the many pitfalls of the housing market when selling their existing property, but didn’t think it could be possibly be as straightforward as it appeared!


“Downsizing was appealing to us so that we could buy a smaller house and enjoy the money that we got from selling our large property. Using A1 Home Buyers UK allowed us to save time and money. There was no paperwork, no estate agent fees and we were made an impressive instant offer and guaranteed completion. Something that could so easily have been a protracted and expensive process was just so smooth. My husband had spoken to a couple of other similar companies about our downsizing plans, but the offer from A1 Home Buyers UK was the highest, and their procedures were so quick and convenient that we would have regretted going elsewhere.”

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