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Ruth and Clive’s Story

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Ruth and Clive's Story

When Ruth and Clive bought their first house in Crosby, they thought they would live in it forever. After all the couple both had high paying jobs in IT, so obtaining a mortgage and meeting the payments wasn’t a problem.

Things when wrong when the company Clive worked for suffered heavy losses, forcing all employees to take a 20% pay cut. The ensuing financial difficulties put them in a situation where they needed money quickly.


I remember when we found out the news” says Ruth “We had just come back from an overseas holiday, when we got the letter explaining about the pay cut.


The couple tried to keep on top of their debts, but it was no use – repossession of their home was unavoidable. Things were bleak until Ruth gave A1 Home Buyers UK a call.


They were great,” explains Ruth “We had been looking on Google for a best price homebuyer and within minutes they gave us a decision and we soon received hefty cash sum for our home. Best of all, their rent back option meant that we didn’t have to leave the home we loved; we could release the benefits, with, no hassle, no upheaval, removal or relocation.


The couple are now staying in their home and are able to continuing enjoying life without the worry and stress of debts thanks to the best price homebuyer in the UK.

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