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Sean and Leah’s Story

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Sean and Leah's Story


ean and Leah’s three bedroom Liverpool home had been a big factor in the breakdown of their marriage. “When we bought the property, we were young and naive and thought we could afford the repayments”, recalls Sean. “Instead, we fell behind and ended up in a horrible atmosphere of fear and stress”.


When the couple decided to divorce, they desperately wanted to sell their home in order to make a fresh start, but no one would buy it. “We were in the middle of the recession and people just weren’t interested in buying this type of property.” mentions Sean. This, added to the stress of the divorce proceedings, meant that times were very hard indeed.


A Google search was the answer to the couple’s prayers. “I was browsing around on Google and entered “Buy my House”, which turned up A1 Home Buyers UK. I called them immediately and the next day they made me a cash offer for the property.” says Sean.


They were discreet and professional, and made an immediate down payment by cash transfer. “We couldn’t believe it”, added Leah. “A1 Home Buyers UK bought our property when no-one else would, and for a market value price!”


The couple are using the cash to pay off their debts and be able to move on after the divorce proceedings.

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