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Factors That Will Affect What My House Will Sell For

What My House Will Sell For

There are many factors that will affect how much your house will sell for and each one came both positively or negatively impact the price you will be able to expect when you are looking for a sale. A1 Home Buyers are experts when it comes to purchasing a property. We provide cash offers to homeowners looking to make a quick sale and thanks to our years of experience and knowledge we are always on hand to provide a healthy, fair offer for your property. Below we have explained the factors that will affect the price you will be able to sell...

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Why Use Companies That Buy Houses For Cash?

Why Use Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

There are a number of reasons or scenarios why someone might need to sell their home fast for cash. Each different from another, they all have the same solution. Here at A1 Home Buyers UK, we will buy your house for cash to ensure a quick sale. You can sell your house quickly to us to gain a cash sum which you could otherwise have to wait months for if you were to sell through traditional routes. We provide sales in as little as five days and we even cover the surveyors and solicitors fees when we are buying homes for...

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What to Do When Buying a House in a Chain Goes Wrong

What To Do When Buying A House In A Chain Goes Wrong

Aside from first-time buyers, most people who are looking to move into a new home are buying a house in a chain. When it comes to the property market, the chain is when you are buying a home but also selling your current property with each house effectively acting as a link in a chain. If one sale falls through this can lead to other sales collapsing or becoming delayed. This is process is therefore known as breaking the chain and roughly a third of all house sales each month break down because of a broken chain. Scenarios like this are...

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How Can I Stop The Repossession Of My Home?

How To Stop Repossession of My Home Blog Banner

The repossession of your home can be a scary time, often caused due to the build-up of arrears on your mortgage or another loan you’ve taken out against your property. These arrears can build up over time if payments continue to be missed and the only way your lender can secure the investment you owe them is by repossessing your home. It’s an awful place to find yourself in and may be due to other stresses such as redundancy, sickness, divorce or bereavement. But there are a number of things you can do to prevent finding yourself in the position where...

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Why should I downsize my home? 6 Reasons you should consider!

Why should I downsize my home banner

Downsizing a house has long been a homeowner’s option, usually one chosen by those whose children have flown the nest and the large family home is left quiet, empty and lonely, or those who are close to retirement and are looking to downsize and generate some cash flow to buy that second home abroad to retire to in the sun. But more and more people are now choosing to downsize for a whole variety of reasons and in the rest of this guide we’ll take a look at why you should consider downsizing your home, and how the team here...

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What are the Pros of selling your home with a home-buying service?

Benefits of selling your home to a home buyer service banner

The housing market undergoes continuous fluctuations and there are numerous ways we can sell your home, each coming with its own pros and cons, and one approach that more and more homeowners are looking to is cash home-buying services, such as the one we offer here at A1 Homebuyers. Our service is often looked out when a homeowner is looking for the quick sale of their home, perhaps due to wanting to emigrate, to utilise the equity in their property to pay off debts or because of a broken chain. And though sellers know that from a cash home-buying service they...

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What To Do When Downsizing?

Tranquil Cottage

A family home is no longer a family home when your children have grown up and moved on. If your house is now too big for you, whether you’re retired or living in an empty nest, A1 Homebuyers can help you to sell your house fast and to move to a property that’s more suitable for your needs. We’d be lying if we said that downsizing isn’t stressful, but it’s good to have a challenge! Before you downsize, there are a number of things you have to do, including the following: Ask for advice Don’t be scared to ask the team of professionals...

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What to do When a Property Owner Dies

When a death occurs within a close family unit or group of friends, technicalities and legalities are the last thing the bereaved wish to be troubled with. At this difficult time, the matter of property ownership and approaches to the individuals’ belongings need to be taken into account, despite the ongoing struggle to come to terms with what has happened. The team at A1 Homebuyers have put together a simple list to assist those who are currently navigating this difficult period in their lives. The Will Did the property owner bequeath their home or land to a friend or relative in their...

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Brexit and What it Means for Housing

There are changes aplenty in store as the UK ventures into uncharted waters following the Brexit vote, yet it seems that no one can predict, with any level of certainty at least what those changes might entail. Might there be a mass-exodus of those opposed to the decision, or might the country be on the verge of huge positive financial reform? It is very difficult to tell. One major question regards our regularly-debated housing market. How will exiting the union affect what our properties are worth? Post-referendum, the value of the pound against the dollar declined by a dramatic 17% initially, revealing...

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March 2017 Budget: What It Means To Homeowners

The announcement of the annual budget is always a tense time of year, particularly for property owners, and in current times, with major political changes occurring on an almost daily basis, those looking to sell their property should be forgiven for feeling a substantial sense of trepidation. Here are some of the major points covered by the budget, as picked out by A1 Homebuyers. Property Tax The good news is that there has been no change to the current status of property tax, which means that the suggested transfer of this obligatory payment from buyers to sellers has not taken place. However,...

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