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Broken Chain

More often than not, the person selling their house to you is also buying another property to move into. Similarly, you may also be relying on the sale of your own house or flat to help you buy your next one. Most properties on the market are part of a chain of other property sales, and this can, unfortunately, be problematic because it only takes one link in the chain to fail to result in a broken chain. If this resonates with you then you may need to call A1 Home Buyers UK, because this is an area that we specialise in and no situation is too difficult for us.

Chain breaking

As the best price homebuyers, we are all too aware that nearly a third of house sales every month actually fall through because of a broken chain. It is never a good feeling to think that everything is going well with the sale or purchase of a property only to find out it has collapsed due to a broken chain.

The problem occurs because an offer on a property is not legally binding meaning the buyer or seller can pull out at any time for any reason. On the other hand a property buyer/seller can get tied up in a property chain for over a year before they make a guaranteed completion. For most people it is easier to contact A1 Home Buyers UK and take advantage of a confidential valuation and completion service that will guarantee an immediate down payment by cash transfer and no estate agent fees. Not only that, but we are proudly able to guarantee that we are the best price homebuyers in the UK!

We buy any home or property, so if you want to sell your house fast, get in touch today!

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